Flooring in Malvern

Fresco Light Oak FlooringHere you can find a range of flooring to fit your home, including solid wood floors, laminate flooring and vinyl tiles. Each offers a caralean opiniones reales unique look and feel to any room. Some of the main considerations for your new flooring are:
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What room is it for?

We have flooring suitable for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms работа мск and more.

How much foot traffic will it have?

Some flooring can be http://www.fr.medadvice.net/yooslim/ ideal for busy, communal areas and some are better in quiet, less used rooms.
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Does it need to have any specific features?

Many of our flooring types are water-proof or https://it.medadvice.net/ easy-clean.

How big is the room?

Costs can vary depending on the material and the type of flooring used.

At Malvern Flooring, we have a huge range of flooring types to match your house and decor. Visit our spacious showroom in Great Malvern to talk to one of our flooring experts who will be able to provide you with friendly, professional advice on what will suit you best.